I am delighted you have taken time to visit the Library web site. On behalf of the faculty and staff employed at the Library, welcome!

Bronx Community College Library moved to the new building on our campus, North Hall and Library on August 20th, 2012. The Library occupies the second and third floors of a three story building located at the north end of the former NYU campus known for being the highest natural elevation in New York City. The west end of the North Hall and Library overlooks the Harlem River and abuts the Hall of Fame of Great Americans designed by celebrated architect Stanford White. The Hall of Fame of Great Americans is a landmark feature of the college, consisting of a 630 foot open air Colonnade along the northwest campus buildings with bronze bust portraits of 98 prominent Americans memorialized with captions highlighting their contributions and achievements. The Library web site is branded with images of some of the bronze portraits. The North Hall and Library building designed by Robert A. M. Stern Associates completes the north quadrangle of the 53 acre campus, complimenting the 1892 Gould Memorial Library designed by Mckim, Mead and White and the 1960s Meister Hall designed by Marcel Breuer.

BCC Library’s Information Commons is designed to accommodate teaching, learning, research and scholarship in the 21st Century. Traditional library use emphasized quiet space for reading. Meeting the needs of library users today means providing a space for collaboration and learning together, as well as the tools for creating intellectual products. Students work with information and multimedia technologies, the learning outcomes and products they are producing are no longer only or primarily print. The Information Commons embraces collaborative learning and scholarship in new forms. BCC Library users have access to twenty-five group study rooms, some with special features to practice and record presentations, or to view videos in a group. The second floor is a technology rich environment, designed to accommodate multimedia, research and completion of assignments. The circulating collection and the law collection are on the third floor, as well as additional spaces for studying and reading.

The mission of BCC Library is to support the educational endeavor of the college through providing access to well organized quality resources and instruction in effective use of library and informational resources. Library goals are to select, acquire, organize and make accessible a balanced collection of resources supporting student academic achievement; to help students acquire information literacy skills necessary for academic achievement, research, scholarship, and creative activities, and lifelong learning experiences; to provide an environment conducive to learning, development of ability to think critically and independently, and intellectual freedom; and to provide high quality assistance by knowledgeable, professional librarians. The new building provides an environment conducive to learning, the Library space is comfortable, light and airy, and the design permits multiple types of use, from collaborative, interactive group learning to quiet individualized study.

BCC librarians have high expectations for students’ academic achievement. We encourage students to explore and discover the electronic full text resources, print and media collections and learning resources delivered by BCC Library. Librarians at BCC deliver resources and services as a kind of scaffolding for learning, an infrastructure of support for developing solid foundations of disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge. Librarians are prepared to provide guidance and support as students learn to navigate, evaluate and effectively use scholarly sources. You are invited to come see us, to learn about the resources and services available to you and to talk with us about how we can help you achieve your goals.

I look forward with great pleasure to seeing you in the Library at Bronx Community College.

Teresa L. McManus,
Chief Librarian and Professor