Reserves Policy

Reserves Services are designed to deliver materials that are in high demand. An example is a required course text: faculty members may place required texts on Reserve to ensure students have access to the material. Reserve items may be checked out for in Library use only. Library users may make copies of Reserve items, within limits of copyright guidelines.

Electronic Reserves Services are simply an extension of Reserves. Upon request by faculty members, library staff will create electronic copies of materials, within limits of copyright guidelines. The electronic copy is made available to students and faculty via the Library web site. Students find the service very helpful, particularly at the beginning of the semester, as it ensures access to the required reading for their first assignments even if there is a delay relating to availability of book or book vouchers. For the service to be most effective, faculty members should request the service in advance of the beginning of the semester if at all possible.

To request Reserves Services, fill out the Reserve Material Submission form and bring it to the Library with the item to be placed on Reserve. To check out Reserves materials, come to the Library Circulation Desk, or access it via the Library web site if it is Electronic Reserves.