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Learning Services


Learning Services has the responsibility of instructing users on how to search for, decipher and use information in a productive matter, in addition to providing research support. Our goal is provide our patrons with the skills necessary to become lifelong learners.


  1. Hands-on research and information literacy instruction sessions
  2. In-person assistance at the reference desk
  3. One-on-one research consultations
  4. Library workshops


Professors must attend instructional sessions.

Instructional sessions are to be scheduled in advance, no walk-ins.

Food and drink are prohibited in the classroom.


If you would like to bring your class to a session, please contact Ms. Ronise Springer, COA at 718-289-5433. We suggest that you make your request early in the semester and give the library at least two weeks advance notice and have an alternative date just in case.  Sessions are by appointment only.

For further information contact Asst. Prof. LaRoi Lawton at 719-289-5348, Head of Learning Services.